Electric Cars take off with new batteries and the possibility of Apple collaborations

Posted on Thursday, 10th of May 2018

Electric Cars take off with new batteries and the possibility of Apple collaborations

Electric cars have seen a huge boost in number in recent years. In 2013 there were just 3500 electric cars registered in the UK whereas in 2017 that number hit a whopping 85,000.

One issue that electric cars suffer from is their reliance on lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can take a while to charge and they are very heavy, which means you are driving around with extra weight.

Ultra-Capacitor Battery
This week NAWA Technology have announced they are developing a fast-acting “Ultra Capacitor” battery which could take as much as 30% of the weight when compared to the traditional lithium batteries.

These new batteries also offer a very fast transfer time meaning that the charge time of an electric vehicle is also reduced.

Batteries are still a developing area and while NAWA don’t expect theirs to be fully ready until 2022, we think that there will a lot more development from battery manufacturers in the next few years.

Aston Martin Electric SUV

This news comes at the same time as Aston Martin reveal that they will be launching an electric SUV in 2021.

Seen as a rival to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Bently Bentayga, all we know for sure is that it will offer four-wheel drive, it will be built using the latest technology and that it will retain the luxurious standards we have come to expect from manufacturers such as Aston Martin.

Apple Collaboration?
Aston Martin has been tight-lipped on the exact details of what's going on, but we know they are working with an (as yet) unknown Silicon Valley company. Rumours have surfaced that this could be Apple who are well known for their design and use of luxury material. This seems more likely following news last year the that Apple were cancelling their own car development plans. We know that Google and Uber and working on car projects, so it is unlikely that Apple is walking away completely. This project could be the perfect alternative for them.

If the rumours of this collaboration are true then we can expect lots of Siri voice controlled items in the car along with fully built-in Apple CarPlay.