Exciting New Jaguar J-Pace Nears Production

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd of May 2018

Exciting New Jaguar J-Pace Nears Production

Jaguar is continuing its quest for domination in the luxury SUV market as the production date for its stunning J-Pace model looms ever nearer. With the J-Pace Jaguar are gunning for the Porsche Cayenne which has been around in various forms since 2002 and which Jaguar are confident they can beat when the new J-Pace enters production by 2021.

Whilst using the running gear and basic power-trains of the Range Rover and with a longer wheelbase than the other Pace models in the Jaguar stable the new model is set to make inroads into established Range Rover sales. Jaguar design director Ian Callum has designed a brand-new shape for the new SUV and with an expected price of £80,000 plus, the range is expected to include hybrid and all-electric models which will utilise the revolutionary software of the new I-Pace.

JLR Group Looking to Vastly Increase Sales

In fact, Jaguar has signalled their intention to go all out by producing at least one new electric version of every model by 2020 in order to consolidate their share in the burgeoning EV and hybrid market. With their intention to add 9 new models to the Jaguar stable in the years to come, including an all-electric version of the XJ limousine, on sale in 2019, the company intends to keep its stake at the luxury end of the market to run alongside the production of more affordable models like the E-Pace. Since the financial crash of 2008 Jaguar sales have increased to 150,000-160,000 cars annually and together with healthy Land Rover and Range Rover sales the figure is around 600,000 vehicles a year. Not satisfied with this though, Jaguar Land Rover bosses are looking for annual sales figures exceeding one million.

With sales in the compact SUV market exceeding 170,000 in 2017 in the UK the E-Pace is another of Jaguar’s models making inroads into rival BMW’s X1 sales figures. The launch of the electric I-Pace in Geneva last week bodes well for Jaguar’s investment and hopes in the rapidly expanding EV market.

The sporty F-Pace was the model which invigorated Jaguar’s sales figures in 2016, becoming the marque’s most successful model and there is talk of a plug-in hybrid version of this soon. The flagship model is due for an update next year with a full replacement expected for it by late 2022.

Whilst Jaguar ploughs successfully ahead with its stable of SUVs there are no plans to shelve production of established saloons and sports cars.