The 2018 McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack

Posted on Wednesday, 6th of June 2018

The 2018 McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack

McLaren’s decision to remove the roof from its stunning new coupé has done nothing to dent the sheer beauty of the design. And considering this car is aimed at race fans and trackday connoisseurs it has to be said that the absence of a roof in no way detracts from the fun and feel of hurtling around a track at high speed.

There’s no doubt that the car’s rigidity and solid feel is maintained rather than compromised due to its carbonfibre Monocell 11 construction and together with the anti-roll bars, suspension geometry, engine and 7-speed auto gearbox mapping, not to mention the huge carbon-ceramic brakes and heavy duty calipers to give massive stopping power, this car drives as smoothly on the road as it does on the track. The 570S has been given a tyre upgrade from the usual Pirelli P Zeros to track-ready, and road-safe, Pirelli Corsas for excellent wet and dry weather grip.

Look great, feel great

With super lightweight forged alloy wheels for weight reduction and a great sounding sports exhaust with ‘stealth’ styling sitting alongside the turbo-fin-style design drivers of the 570S can get the full race feel and look super stylish at the same time. The 562bhp, 3.8 litre V8 engine may not have the spine-tingling roar of other sports cars like the Audi R8 or Porsche 911 GT3 but at 3.2 seconds for 0-60mph the acceleration to 8500rpm is intense. Lively steering can catch out the unwary at speed despite the finely-tuned chassis.

It won’t leave you wanting

Inside the well-designed cockpit, the £17,000 Track Pack option package will keep the most exacting driver happy. Cocooned within the soft, comfortable Alcantara-covered bucket seat drivers will find everything they need right within fingertip reach. The dashboard features a digital recordable lap timer, track finder and wi-fi-enabled track telemetry within the IRIS infotainment system. There is also the option of integral cameras – one situated between the driver and passenger seat and one at each end of the exterior. McLaren encourage drivers into left-foot braking by offsetting the pedals slightly.

Light, and breezy too!

As you might expect the car features acres of carbon fibre for beauty and weight reduction. The roof itself is of a two piece composite construction which folds up or down in 15 seconds even at speeds up to 25mph. If you want the roof up but still want to feel the breeze and hear the engine you can lower the rear windscreen.

At £181,910 the 570S Track Pack is the perfect combination of road and track supercar with not much to beat it.