A new DB11 AMR 2018 has been announced but has this AMR version improved on the recently retired V12?

Posted on Wednesday, 30th of May 2018

A new DB11 AMR 2018 has been announced but has this AMR version improved on the recently retired V12?

Let's start with the good news. It is definitely an improvement on the original V12. With a starting price of £174,995 however you will want to know that extra money has gone into redesigning some great features, and we can tell you that it has.

Launched back in 2016, the DB11 came in three versions, the V12, the V8 and the Volante. The V8 being the less powerful little sister of the V12, and the Volante being the convertible version of the range.

The V12 has since been retired but we now have the AMR which is being plugged as the most driver-focused DB11 to date. AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing and is given to the fastest and sportiest models in Aston Martins line up. With that in mind lets look at the specs.

Technical Specs
The car now boasts 630bhp using a 5.2-litre twin turbocharged V12. That’s 127bhp more than the eight-cylinder model and 30bhp more than the V12, a clear indicator of how much work has gone into the design of the DB11 AMR to improve the performance of this car.

What does all of this mean? It means it takes 3.7seconds to get to 62mph and you can keep your foot on the accelerator and you won’t stop speeding up until you hit 208mph. That’s a lot of speed and power for your hard-earned money and you will feel it when the car starts to move.

The downside is that the AMR weighs 1870kg which is around 100kg heavier than the V8 and this is noticeable when driving it.

Slick Design
As far as the design goes there have been adjustments there too. Re-valved dampners ensure that the car has sharper reflexes and better control. The corners of the car are also lighter as the wheels are now forged instead of the old, heavier cast wheels.

Aston has incorporated many of the adjustments that were made the V8 to improve its performance such as stiffer suspension brushes to help locate the rear axle more securely.


The new DB11 AMR is the most powerful and efficient DB production model in their history. They have tweaked both the body and the engine to improve performance whilst still keeping the DB11’s signature style. With all this is mind it is certainly a strong contender if you are in the market for a top of the range sports car.